Complete homebrewing brewery set-up

Selling my all-grain home brewery setup as I’m moving out of the country and need to downsize. Ideally I’d like to sell it as a whole rather than part it out, and will give a discount for a buyer (or group of buyers) who will take it all. I’m open to offers for individual pieces, and prices are listed below.

Full description:

A complete end-to-end set-up for all-grain brewing, and serving, of 5-6.5 gallon batches of beer. Main components are a SS Brewtech 10 gallon mash tun, SS Brewtech Brewmaster Edition 11 gallon kettle, and SS Brewtech Brewmaster Edition 7 gallon Conical Fermenter. Water and wort are moved through the system via 1/2” silicon hoses with cam lock fittings and a brewing pump. Additional components include a stainless steel hop basket for the kettle, a Blichman Therminator (and Thurmometer) for chilling wort on the way to the fermenter, a stir plate for creating yeast starters, and oxygen stone for aerating wort prior to fermentation. Fermenter includes electronic temperature control via a heating jacket and inline chiller to keep beer at ideal temperature in both summer and winter. Once beer has finished fermenting, set-up includes gas line and fitting for pressurized transfer from fermenter to keg (for dry hopping or conditioning with no oxygen introduced). Also have a Blichman Beer Gun for filling bottles and a Beer Meister 2-tap fridge for serving.

I’ve been brewing for almost 9 years but have had many of these newer components for less than 3, with about 20 brews worth of mileage on it. All of it is immaculately clean. It hurts to have to let it go!

Pictures and videos:

Note: All pics and more available here.

SS Brewtech 7 gal Chronical Fermenter w/ FTSS, leg extensions, blow off arm, extra fittings, and more

SS Brewtech 10 gal InfuSsion Mash Tun w/ sparge arm

 SS Brewtech Brewmaster Edition 11 gallon kettle w/ thermometer, and whirlpool fittings

Other pics

Full list of components:

Item QtyRetailSale
10 gal SS Brewtech BME Kettle w/ sitegalss, whirlpool port, thermometer 1 $350 $200
7 gal SS Brewtech Chronical BME Fermenter w/ FTSS, leg extensions, blow off cane lid attachment, and extras 1 $750 $500
10 gal SS Brewtech InfuSsion Mash Tun w/ sparge arm 1 $450 $225
8 gal kettle, stainless 1 $45 $20
Camp Chief High Output Stove 1 $50 $20
3500 RPM Brewing Pump 1 $150 $50
Blichmann Therminator Chiller w/ connectors 1 $200 $100
Blichmann Thrumometer 1 $25 $15
Stir Plate w/ stir bars 1 $50 $25
2000ml Erlenmeyer flask w/ foam stopper 1 $20 $20
Oxygen Stone w/ air filter 1 $50 $25
In-Kettle Hop Basket 1 $80 $50
In-Keg Mesh Cylindrical Baskets for hops, wood chips, etc 2 $120 $75
Corney Kegs – 5 gal 5 $500 $250
Igloo Cooler for sparge water 1 $50 $20
Igloo Cooler for FTSS chilling 1 $50 $20
Anvil High Capacity Grain Scale 1 $70 $25
Blichmann Beer Gun v2 1 $100 $75
Corney Kegs – 3 gal 2 $200 $100
Copper chiller coil 1 $80 $40
Extra quick connect adapters, tri-clamps   $100 $75
Silicone hoses with all camlock fittings for system   $150 $75
5 gal Better Bottle Carboy 3 $50 $10
5 gal glass carboy 1 $20 $10
CO2 Regulator with split line 1 $80 $40
Single tap mini jockeybox 1 $80 $40
Beermeister Fridge (2 tap) w/ gas regulator (split line) and Perlick flow-control taps 1 $500 $250
7 gal buckets 3 $40 $10
Tons of containers, brushes, funnels, spoons, strainers, bags, etc   $200 $50
Total 36 $4,610 $2,415

Special price for all items as a whole: $2000

Let me know if you have any questions or want to come check it out using my contact form.