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I haven’t drawn with pencil in ages for some reason. I now see that was foolish, harmful and borderline sacrilege. A pencil is just so damn versatile and fun to use. I mean, you sharpen a pencil using a razor. And you blend pencil with your hands. How cool is that? Anyway, here are a few recent drawings using a little set of pencils I got last Christmas.

Which candy should I choose?
Quick study
Neck radio

Little fires: this week’s art

Art projects are like little fires: gather your materials, keep them ready, and when inspiration strikes you get burning. This weeks (and last) little fires included blot painting, some outdoor painting, and the usual assortment of drawings.


This week’s little fires

Art projects are like little fires. See more of them here.

Coloring pages

This week I started making my own watercolor pages for the kids to add to. Started with a waterproof brush pen drawing and then they added watercolors on top. I think they turned out

Here are the results. I didn’t think about this before but now I’m thinking about doing a whole book of illustrations each for them and compiling them into some sort of narrative after-the-fact. Or maybe they should all go into the same book, trucks and unicorns combined. Hmm…

Morning brushes

Also, here are a couple of morning brush pen drawings that turned out pretty good, kite flying and trampoline jumping have featured prominently over the last week.

More electric

Finally, another addition to the electric series.

Illustration of Sam painting.
The creative force is strong with this one.
Art Misc Parenting Work

Big rocks first

I’m not sure how this became a longer thing than it is. Maybe that’s because prioritization, the subject of this piece, is a longer, harder thing to do than it seems at a distance. Anyway, this illustration started as a little morning drawing of an idea that I revisited from a book excerpt and grew into the series of illustrations below. It’s been a fun exercise in playing with a brush pen, seeing how I could talk about an idea thorough pictures, and put together disparate pieces of each into some sort of whole (using GIMP for image editing). Here are the different illustration “parts” explained with the compined composite I created at the end.

Art Kids

This week’s little fires

Art projects are like little fires:

The fires were alive and burning this week.

Morning note

Vivi made a morning note for Sam. Just saying he’s the best, that’s all.

Polar Bear Story Mini-Zine

Continuing on the them of making mini-zines, made this one using some magazing cut outs. Here’s the inspiration:

Sam lines

I liked the way this turned out in a strange way.

Sam lines

Crazy sketch

A collaboration between Kav and Sam.

The new normal

Birthday cards

It was Kav’s birthday last week which was another excuse for making things.