My annual hike up Ben Lomond ☀️

img 1951

Exactly a year ago, literally almost to the day, I hiked Ben Lomond for the first time. Today I got out again with many of the same group. After having a tough day yesterday and feeling a bit confused at the end of this week, the walk was just what I needed.

I spent as much time as I could outdoors while I waited for my unconscious to open a door and beckon.

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

We went the same route as last year, the difference this year being that the weather was perfect.

Is there a better Saturday to be had than one where you take a long walk up a mountain in the sun? I think not.

The view from the top 🌈
Panoramic shot of the Trossachs mountains from Ben Lomond.
img 1937
img 1945
img 1934
img 1932
img 1949
img 1958
img 1955

I’m feeling super refreshed. Time to plan the next walk.

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  1. Stunning photos. Can’t wait to visit Scotland again next year.

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