What I learned last week (#188): continual growth

Pour over coffee on a white counter.

I don’t have a ton to share from last week as it felt like a heads-down-grinding-type of week. Not in a bad way though. I worked on getting the kids off to school, worked on juggling things with my wife’s first week at her new job, worked on the house, and worked on catching up with Better Call Saul.

Ok, so it wasn’t all grinding.

Now on to the weekly selection of what I was reading, drawing, writing, and doing.

The weather shifted to fall mode last week right before the kids went back to school but I noticed the flowers in the window of our neighbour’s house and that kept things sunny.

img 1665

I found this video interview of Bruce Lee and it totally floored me. I also started reading his book Tao of Jeet Kune Do.

img 1691

I was reminded this week about the difference between being nice and being kind. In summary, you can be nice and unkind if you avoid a hard conversation.

Here are some other things that caught my attention last week::

  • A new type of lock
  • No escape – “I don’t think people generally seek out such quick fixes or back-door solutions out of laziness or entitlement. It’s not because they think they shouldn’t have to put in the same effort as everyone else. Rather, most of the time, it’s the opposite: it’s that they feel so inadequate and unqualified for the task ahead of them (of writing, of marriage, parenting – whatever) that they believe they absolutely need a miracle technique, some sort of edge over other people, some secret from a book, if they’re to have half a chance of not screwing everything up.”
  • Useful and Overlooked Skills – “Frances Perkins, who campaigned with Roosevelt and later became Secretary of Labor, said the most remarkable thing about the president’s paralysis was how little its hindrance seemed to bother him. He once told her: “If you can’t use your legs and they bring you milk when you wanted orange juice, you learn to say ‘that’s all right,’ and drink it.” There’s a useful and overlooked skill: Accepting a certain degree of hassle and nonsense when reality demands it.” (H/T to Chai for this)
  • I started setting up a Ring alarm system in our house and I can see why it’s so popular. So far, I’m a fan.
  • My wife and I watched Bo Burnham’s Inside and laughed for days afterward.
  • My son said a couple of things last week: “I think when you die you just go to a black screen forever.” and “Can you help me be a YouTuber?” I get whiplash sometimes trying to ride the minds of these kids.

Last but not least, check out what I’m up to now.

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  1. Loves this Nick. Last week, coincidentally, Logan said “when you die, you go to a magic place, then come back as a new person”. When I asked if he’d ever been another person before, his answer was so simple and definite. “Yes.”

    1. That’s excellent. Vivi has talked about reincarnation a lot. She wants to come back as an animal. Mostly a wolf.

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