No change with house but big dates loom

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Another week is in the books and there is no sign from our “construction partners” on when they are going to commence with the “internal finishings”, so we continue to trudge on ahead with getting work done ourselves: hanging blinds, sealing the kitchen worktops, building the bedroom cupboards, etc.

The best thing to happen this week was getting our back garden, in which the grass had grown into field-level length, trimmed up so that we could at least walk around. We’ve been riding our bikes over in the afternoons for the past few days and the kids can jump on the trampoline while we’re working on things. It’s felt like a massive step forward.

Progress! Very very microscopically minuscule progress, but progress!

We have the full-house rendering (i.e. external siding/cladding) booked for Jul 11 and our partner has asserted that the porch is (definitely this time, for real) coming on Jul 18 so the next two weeks will be very interesting. It’ll be a miracle if just one of those things happens, let alone both.

Either way, pray. Please!

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  1. I’m waiting with bated breath and crossed fingers 🤞for July 11 and 18.

    I have a feeling they will keep their word this time.

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