April music: UNKLE, Tune-Yards, Sa-Roc + more πŸ”ˆ

Here are the tunes that most kept me company in April 2021.

Happy end of April! Another month of great music just passed by and my playlists are multiplying fast. Someone mentioned that because so many artists were cooped up writing and recording music during the pandemic there is going to be a lot coming out in 2021, and it feels like that right now. Here are the tunes that most kept me company in the month of April (checkout previous selections as well).

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Ronin I

The beat tape/mix-tape pick of the month and probably my most played. This has been growing on me steadily.



The indie rock pick of the month. I have always liked Tune-Yards and this album is just so good.


The Sharecropper’s Daughter

The hip-hop pick of the month although this album came out last year. Everything about it is legit. A powerhouse of an album. Check out her Live on KEXP session as well as their Midnight in A Perfect World mix as well.

Floating Points


My jazz pick of the month. Beautiful album. I play this often first-thing in the morning.

Special Request

DJ Kicks

My dance music pick of the month. This mix does the trick. Jammin’.

Honorable mentions ✌️

The Lasso – 2121 is R&B hip-hop fusion at a high level. Mile’s In A Silent Way is remarkable. Natalie Prass – The Future and the The Past is just good song writing. Jayda G – Both of Us / Are You Down are dope (that piano!).

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